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It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything you have to learn about the job hunting process. So, to help you focus on the basics you need to know to be your best self, we’ve compiled the best articles in TBC that have helped hundreds of readers (be it college students, fresh grads, or Gen Z) just like you.

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"The blog helped me curate my resume and my life, from the things I needed to include since I was not active in orgs or acads while in college, to the points I needed to consider to be able to have a personal brand.

I had to revise my resume a hundred times using what I learned from TBC, but ultimately, I learned how to prioritize the areas that would have a great value in the employers' eyes. Thanks TBC!"

Pauleen Ramos
Management trainee, received over 20 job offers with 5-6 offers coming within a week

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Hey, I’m Justine!

I’m the founder and writer behind The Bumpy Career, where I help Gen Z kids like me figure out job hunting and careers here in Manila. I started all this because I hated how there weren’t any resources to help me when I was a 19 year old sophomore who was thinking about interning to make up for my poor grades that sem. Now I’ve figured out the best possible way for others to avoid all the mistakes I made starting out and I share it here on TBC.

I love talking a lot more than I love writing though (and I really love writing), so much so that I’ve given 50+ talks across the Greater Manila area to universities, student organizations, conferences, and business incubators. If you’re interested in having me speak to your audience, here’s a snapshot of what I can do.


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"The blog isn't just a generic career advice blog, it's more than that. I remember using the cover letter template Justine had in an article for a job that never replied to me, and the very next day I got a reply back from them.

Without TBC, I wouldn't have made it this far. Over the years, I've been referring the blog to friends who are having a hard time landing the their dream job and it never failed to deliver." - Dave Ngo, economics student turned investment banker

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Are you feeling overwhelmed, trapped, or unsure in your job hunt? Already read all the blog posts but still want more guidance?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve worked with hundreds of others just like you these past few years in planning their career’s next steps.

By combining mindset, planning, and strategy together…

We can work together for you to land your career goals without you agonizing over every little thing along the way!



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"I came across TBC at a perfect time - I was in the first semester of my third year, already anticipating the stress of finding an internship to fulfill my practicum requirement. I was extremely worried over how to make my resume stand out when my course-related skills weren't at par with my blockmates'.

Luckily, the first article I read was about how to fix my resume in 1 hour. From there, I read nearly every article I could click on. I took points from article on things you didn't realize had resume values, read testimonies from other readers, and learned tips for interviews.

Reading a blog dedicated to internship-hunting in the Philippines really boosted my confidence and I applied to every company that seemed like a good fit. The two best internship offers I received were from a global bank and a multinational FMCG. Out of around 30 people in my course, only 2 of us received offers from such big companies.

TBC helped me take control and be proactive in job hunting. I learned so much from all the articles and even share some tips to my friends. I'm really grateful to have the TBC and will continue keeping up with the blog and Justine." - Piel A., P&G IT Intern 2019

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